Eluvial Construction is a one-stop shop solution to guarentee successful delivery of their projects. We provide development consulting, construction, and brokerage services that streamline the cost, timeline, efficiency, and quality of all projects we supervise. Often, developers claim to perform a wide range of services like those at Eluvial, but ultimately, the work is outsourced to third parties, adding layers of complexity, cost, and time to projects. 

We are excited to announce that we are the first development firm  in Washington, DC to specialize in the customization of shipping container homes. Our team of experts pride themselves on providing a more cost-effective, time-saving, and eco-conscious building alternative to a traditional brick and mortar structure. Shipping container homes have proven to be much more than just a fad around the U.S.—buyers have noticed their usability, durability, and most importantly, it’s cost-effectiveness. 


To create socioeconomic empowerment for all social classes.



Empowering untapped communities to introduce a new perspective to wealth building, economic consciousness and sustainable growth.



Knowledge, Purpose, Power

We believe that in order to empower communities their must be an understanding of the past, present and future condition. Through our core values of knowledge, purpose, and power our work allows us to give back by helping shape and build sustainable communities by creating a future that they can see

for themselves.