5 Essential Dorm Decorations For This Fall

As summer is slowly coming to an end it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Back to school season is here!

Students of all ages know this feeling all too well. For those returning to a college dorms, here are five quick and simple ways to make your home away from home worthwhile. 

1. Light and soft colors

When decorating your room, sometimes a small space can be spatially frustrating when trying to create a spacious appeal. Light colors can make a room seem more open while dark colors can give the opposite affect; sometimes making a room feel closed in and tighter than in reality.

2. Mirrors

Not only are mirrors great for getting ready but they can also elongate a room. They’re able to give the illusion that your dorm is made up of longer dimensions. 

3. Plants

There’s nothing better than being able to show off your proud plant parenting skills. Plants are a great way to brighten up a room by bringing in some extra life. 

4. Lights

A few extra bulbs or strands can make all the difference. Most college dorms barely have sufficient lighting.By adding a few extra lamps and fairy lights it can really create a much warmer environment. This way a late night study session doesn’t need to seem as daunting.

5. Pictures frames

Who doesn’t want to be reminded of the people that mean the most to them? Pictures of family, friends and pets can make any room just as cozy and familiar as ever. 

These five simple decor tips can turn any dorm room into the ultimate personal space!

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